Friday, May 27, 2011

Again. Again? Again.

I am a victim of fashion blogging. All the possible combinations, colorful fabrics, and fascinating shapes clothes have to offer put me in a rut. I have tried to try to be, a fashion blogger and it failed...twice.  I decided to drop the 'fashion' in my title and try just blogger.

My issues with fashion blogging consist with the both depressing and interesting fact that fashion is about looks. I am passionate about putting together outfits, but as a barely five-foot four chubby kid, I feel self-conscious about showing off my creations on myself. I wouldn't complain about styling, or designing clothes for the "standard beauty" in the future, but as a sixteen-year-old I don't have the resources, money, or experience.

On my previous blogs, I felt like my best posts were the ones where I was actually writing about stuff I had opinions about. When you post pictures of yourself, while you're explaining boring stuff like why you chose that hat, there's the nagging thought in the back of your mind that someone will reply saying that you look stupid. On the other hand, I don't really mind people criticizing my ideas or thoughts, because it sparks conversation. But, if you say I am fat, I will cry, or insult you, depending on my mood.

The good part of having a co-author is support. The good part (of many) of having a mother is support. On my other blogs, I only had the mother support, which is good, but this, I'm expecting, will be great.

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Domenico Maceri said...

Very nice and very green.