Friday, May 27, 2011


As of today, there are more than 162 million blogs clogging up the internet -- a fact that can make a person feel rather useless (why add to the noise?) or nonchalant (more than half the people in the country have blogs, why shouldn't I?)

The truth, of course, is that blogs aren't universal; they're just easily started and abandoned. 162 million people have not started blogs. A few million have started a lot of them. I think I'm personally responsible for at least a half dozen. If the internet is a highway, there's a lot of litter along the side.

I started my first blog in 2002, and kept it up for several years. It was mostly about politics and religion, particularly human rights. I ventured into art, books, and music occasionally, mostly on days when I got up in the morning and could not face the prospect of thinking and writing about the terrible things human beings do to each other, no matter how important I thought the subject was. I gave up the blog because it got to be too much work. I had a lot of readers, and, because of that, I felt obligated to post every day. I also needed to get things right (an odd compulsion for a political blogger, I know), which meant doing a lot of research. I enjoyed doing the blog, and still miss conversations with some of my readers, but I couldn't keep it up.

I've tried a few other blogs with the idea that I'd write about anything I felt like, and whenever I felt like writing. That sounds simple, but if you don't do something regularly, it atrophies like an unused muscle. I'd write a post. Two days later, I'd write another post. After a month or two, I'd put up a picture, or a video. End of blog.

One more piece of litter by the side of the road.

I know if this blog isn't going to make Iron Eyes Cody cry, I have to post regularly -- maybe not every day, but regularly. I think having a smart and interesting blogmate will help. We can play off each other's posts. We have enough in common to make the whole thing cohere, and enough variety of interests to keep

I hope.

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