Monday, May 30, 2011

Smartability & Practice

I've had this strange addiction of watching Jeopardy during the past month or so. I love correctly answering a question, because it makes me feel smart. (Notice, I'm not smart enough to come up with a more intelligent and mature word than "smart".) I don't get many correct, but the few I do, make me happy.

However, between my parents (I do love you but...) what seems like every other question gets answered correctly. I understand they are older and wiser (cheer up, I could have just said older), so really this post is just me being a complaining teenager, and making a few cheesy jokes. 

Mom and I were talking and realized we were in different situations with this blog. Her's being, she has plenty of things she wants to write about, but limited time. I feel like writing often but the end up writing something boring like this, because I can't come up with what I believe to be an interesting subject. My hope is that after a few boring posts like this (bear with me, or just skip 'em), I'll be side-tracked to something interesting. In seventh grade we had to write 500 words a week about anything, just to practice writing. I remember wondering could I write about writing? Apparently I can, but it isn't interesting.

Going back to Jeopardy, I sometimes knit while I watch, and pretend I'm an eighty-year-old widow with several cats, living in a cramped apartment, knitting sweaters for my grandchildren, and answering every Jeopardy question correctly that comes out of my two-decade-old television. (Get it? because old people like Jeopardy...and knit?......I'll do a post later about why stereotypes aren't a good thing.)

(PS: this is the first result when you search google images for "knitting old lady".)

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Linda said...

The funny thing is, my post looks polished to you, but to me feels just as chaotic and random as yours feels to you. At the same time, I feel like the writing in my post is kind of stuffy, while yours is very breezy and natural. The naturalness of your writer's voice is something I always admire, and envy. I'd like to say you shouldn't feel defensive about your writing, but in fact, I think that feeling is just fine. Being dissatisfied with what you do is bad if it makes you give up, but it's good if it makes you keep trying to do better. I don't think any artist has ever been completely satisfied with her work.

One thing nice about regular blog writing is that you can just explore something and leave it hanging for awhile. Sometime you may want to write a fully formed essay, but sometimes you just write a bit of something, and let it lead you somewhere else. I like your open ending: "I'll do a post later about why stereotypes aren't a good thing." It's an interesting topic, and it's sitting there waiting for you to explore. But this is just a blog, so if you never feeling like coming back to that, because there are other things you decide you'd prefer to write about, that's fine, too.

You're an artist. Embrace chaos.