Monday, June 20, 2011

Define "worst"

You'd have to be dense not to say Lady Gaga's fashion isn't at all interesting. I've always found "worst dressed" lists to be pretty funny. Apparently, in their mind, anybody who does anything that isn't typical glamour, is ugly. I saw this picture of Lady Gaga, this morning and was kind of fascinated. On a whole, it's not my favorite of hers, but there was an interesting factor: color. I remember her saying she tends to play with shape a lot (hence this and this). The outfit at the far left, is hopefully the start of Gaga color and pattern. This may have not been my favorite choice, but you have to start somewhere.

More about Best/Worst dressed lists...the people who do them don't seem to believe in personal style. Hearing the the criticizers takes me back to Lizzie Mcguire when Kate insults Lizzie, basically, "the annoyingly perfect girl" bullies "normal harmless girl". As for Helena Bonham Carter, can you really picture her in a Jennifer Lopez type outfit (and vice versa!)?

Helena Bonham Carter has a wonderful unique sense of style. When asked about her mismatched shoes at the Golden Globes (above), she said, "Indecision". She doesn't seem to focus on standard looks and trends, and I really respect that. I may just wear to different colors of converse sometime, to honor her.

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Linda said...

I think best and worst lists in anything lean toward the conventional, and away from originality.

On the other hand, I don't get why anyone liked the "best" outfit in your picture. It manages to be tacky (too short, too tight, too low cut) and dowdy (what's with the Minnie Mouse shoes?) at the same time. And then it has kind of a ripped up look, without that giving it any edge at all. It's just sad.

I LOVE Helena Bonham Carter's outfit, right down to those striking shoes. She looks like Helena Bonham Carter. That's a good thing.