Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good News

Mom and I haven't missed an episode of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report this entire year (that I know of). I make jokes that John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are my only source of news, but they're almost true. News can be very depressing and occasionally covered in such a stupid way, that other people feel the need to ridicule it. Maybe I'm too cheerful and don't want my mood to be ruined by a depressing news story, so I put my attention to Comedy Central, with hope that I'll get the major news stories in an hour, and then leave without a feeling that "the world sucks, and then you die".

While not just making fun of the craziness of the world, Stewart and Colbert, also make fun of the coverage of the insanity. I was watching CNN in the late afternoon-early evening (before the "comedy/news hour") a few weeks ago and some anchor-person was talking about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump meeting for dinner. The person said something like "I know the viewers are all dying to know where they ate"...um, well, not really...is that really all that's happened in the world today?. Granted, if you're a news show, you don't want to switch stories from something like "so-and-so died today" to "the spread of E. coli", but isn't there any lighter but worthwhile news.

One of the funniest things on the Daily Show recently (other than "the blender") was...

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The purpose of most television shows is to entertain, while the purpose of a news show is to inform. I have never heard someone say, "My favorite television show is -insert news program here-". Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report mix comedy and news very well. They allow me to not be a clueless idiot, while still keeping my (I'll admit, short) attention span, and most importantly to someone my age, making me laugh.

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Linda said...

Weirdly enough, I don't think the Daily Show really is for people with short attentions spans or an unwillingness to face some of the world's uglier aspects.

I'm a news junky, but I think Jon Stewart is better at presenting the news than almost anyone currently on television. I don't just mean that he does it in an entertaining way way. Other than, maybe, Rachel Maddow, Amy Goodman, and (occasionally) Anderson Cooper, he covers more important stories (and explains what's important about them) better than anybody. And when he covers stupid stories, he lets you know they're stupid, which is more than you can say about the vast majority of "newspeople." I don't know if it's funny or sad that we live in an age when a comedian is the best judge of what real news is, but we do.

In other words, if you find it hard to get interested in what you see on the news, it's not you. It's them.