Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lucia's Epic Yarn...Tree

Yes, I stole borrowed from Kirby. Today, June 11th 2011, is the first international yarn-bombing day. "Bombing" (not the violent, destructive, bloody kind) is a slang term for creating street art, and is usually associated with graffiti. A canadian knitter named Joann Matvichuk created the day as a way to connect knitters in an "adventurous and quirky and artsy" way.

My way of yarn-bombing was not exactly adventurous, as I didn't venture far from my own house. Right outside of our standard suburban home, is one of the most pathetic trees you will ever see. Almost as old as me (and don't say that's old!), the tree stands at about 20 feet and is scrawny as can be (I nicknamed it after Twiggy).

What I did was grab all my tiny bits of yarn, tie the ends together, and roll up a big ball. Then I wound it around the tree. Then I made about fifteen or twenty pom-poms, attached to a crocheted chain and hung them from the branches.

I wish I'd taken some progress shots. It probably would have been funny to see me out in the dark wearing pajama pants and my Berkeley hoodie wrapping yarn around a tree.

^At night, just after finishing. (Hey, my camera takes decent night shots!)

^Pom-Poms...and a car.

^Close up of the yarn-wrapped trunk.

^More pom-poms...and cars.

^Day after, me with my tree.

^One of the rare pictures, where I look reasonable.

^Full tree in daylight.

^Tree trunk, with a view of some hanging pom-poms.

Considering, I prepared and planned this in less than four hours, and set it up in under one hour, I'm pretty pleased. But next year......


Lucia said...

Further Information
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Linda said...

I'm going to miss seeing the pompoms swaying in the wind tomorrow. For such a quick fix, you did a great job. Thanks for brightening up the neighborhood.

Domenico Maceri said...

The most elegant tree!