Monday, June 6, 2011


There's this local shop downtown that sells napkins. How do they stay alive? They sell expensive napkins. You could go to Ross, Kohls, or the like, and buy some standard boring napkins but you probably won't find some as pretty as the one's at the "napkin store".

There's another local store (a personal favorite of mine) that sells socks. It's pretty tiny, but on every wall, there are socks with practically every color, pattern, and design possible. The average price per pair of socks (of the one's I've seen) is probably about $15.

Splurge has two meanings for me. The first is spending months of savings on something large and expensive. The second is spending a general amount of money on something nicer than average, but not extravagant.

The past few months, I've been splitting my weekly allowance. Half of it goes into "savings" aka a piggy bank. The other half I am allowed to spend that week with any left-over carrying over to the following weeks "spending half". The savings are mostly to teach me how to save money (a skill, I should have fully mastered well before age sixteen) but will likely be used to purchase an iPhone in the quite distant future. The "spending" half I use to buy clothes, craft supplies, or the occasional frappuccino.

Sometimes I do feel like "splurging", but I want to be honest with my savings. This is when places like the sock store come in handy. Their prices are "reasonable" but still feel like a "splurge".

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