Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer 2011

Only four more posts, until I'm caught up with Mom!

I decided to make some goals for this summer. I am aware that Summer has started already, but I guess I procrastinate too much. I always figure out my New Years Resolutions in February, anyway.

1) Practice Guitar:

It sounds simple enough, but after almost six months of lessons, I've probably on practiced seven or eight times. I started guitar because I believe playing an instrument is important. To possibly quote the persuasive speech I wrote in sixth grade, music makes you a better learner. After I quit piano lessons, and the school band, there was an empty gap in my day. I filled it with more television, computer, video games, and other unchallenging activities. I started high school, and signed up for a guitar class to fill the performing art requirement. After a few months of "learning to read notes" (...again), I quit; I liked the instrument, not the class.

A week before my sixteenth birthday this year, I began taking private lessons. It's a twenty minute drive from home to a funky, little building with a guitar shop and several classrooms. As for practicing, I decided to use the the time slot right after dinner, in my bedroom due to the lack of distractions. The past two days, I have honored this promise, and almost mastered can-play-without-stopping-to-look-at-my-fingers-too-much "Sweet Virginia".

2) Read Books:

Mom and I signed up for our local library's Summer reading program. I remember doing simplified versions of this when I was younger. Basically, you read books, of your choosing, during the summer and then you're entered for prizes and whatnot. The difference is with the adult program (Wait? Am I an adult?), you read books in specific categories.

Need to do these things by August 31st...
  1. Read a mystery set in another country.
  2. Read a travel memoir.
  3. Read a fiction book that includes train, boat, or airplane travel.
  4. Read a nonfiction book about the history of another country.
  5. Read a biography of someone who is not American.
  6. Read a book that has been translated from another language.
  7. Read a nonfiction book about the arts--music, dance, or fine arts.
  8. Watch a foreign film.
  9. Read a book of your choice.
We watched The Mirror, (#8)an Iranian film from 1997, about a little girl who...has a tantrum. It was very funny, and worth seeing once. I can guess that it probably wouldn't hold up a second time. I also finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day (#9) by David Sedaris. Mom read it about two years ago, and liked it. It's a series of anecdotes about Sedaris's life told with a wonderful sense of humor, that I really liked. I also started Lipstick Jihad (#2) by Azadeh Moaveni, which I've been lagging on, a bit. It's interesting, but like guitar practicing, I need to make time to read.


3) Do Not Buy Craft Suplies:

...Is probably the most difficult to accomplish on my list. A few summers ago, I cleaned (HA!) a corner of our three car garage, and set up a craft room alcove. Originally, I had a pathetic, dirty, old fold out table, but later I " upgraded" to a desk, that is likely older than further comment. It's a beautiful desk, that I probably destroyed in under twenty-four hours, with paint, stickers, and candy wrappers (see bottom left drawer). Even later, I added some shelves (stolen from other parts of the garage). In the process of about two years of hoarding craft materials and other bits and bobs, I ended up with a physical mess. What you see in the picture below, is actually after I got rid of some stuff. My goal this summer, is to stop buying craft supplies. I'm trying to avoid buying stuff I "need" like plastic letter beads for keychains that say "my other ride is a TARDIS" or something, on them. Instead, I'm turning this into the Summer of Stashbusting. I'm going to save money, clean up a giant mess, and most importantly, make cool stuff.


I have some smaller goals including #4: go for a picnic and #5: take a short roadtrip, but nothing that I want to cover in large detail, and I've written enough. If you've made it through my post, congrats, go have a snack.


Linda said...

I love your hover comments on the pictures.

Domenico Maceri said...

OK. If you insist, I'll go and have a snack. Maybe two.

Lucia said...

@Linda: Yeah, I'm proud of figuring that out!!!

@Domenico: But did you watch the video? Mom fixed the links, so you can see them easier.