Sunday, July 31, 2011

Insomnia can be interesting sometimes

At 12 PM I should be asleep. I am usually not. I have an overactive mind like my twelve-year-old dog has an overactive bladder. Therefore, I think a lot, and he pees a lot. I've heard writing your thoughts down at night can help relax you. However, my mind moves way too fast (from smartness???) for my hand to write down complete sentences. So last night, I solved the problem by making a "barely-legible-by-any-one-but me-which-is-good-because-my-thoughts-may-sound-really-stupid-the-next-morning" list.

So I present...
Things I Don't Understand and Don't Really Care to Learn More About 
(and an attempt to catch up in number of posts with Mom...)

1. Why the guy grabbing Debbie Harry's butt looks so sneaky on the  "Best of Blondie" album cover.

2. Why Elton John likes Tony Danza so much.

3. Why no one has lung cancer on Mad Men yet. (props to the editor of this video).

4. Why dog shows exist.

5. Why Facebook doesn't let you like "likes".

6. Taxidermy

7. Taxidermists. 

8. Why people are so concerned about the sounds falling trees make.

9. Where Ms. Frizzle buys her clothes.

10. Why I typed this post instead of something more intelligent.


Meg Needles said...

I just made the tony danza reference over the weekend and NO ONE GOT IT!!! I'm so excited to see this here.

Also, let me know when you find out where Miss Frizzle buys her clothes because I need to start shopping there. Come on, those outfits are great.

Domenico Maceri said...

You're funny. Thanks. I just finished my cup of coffee and not still awake. But I still laughed.

Lucia said...

@Meg = They are pretty cool outfits. :)

@Domenico = Good. :)