Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why I Am Not A Baker (crappy phone pictures included!)

One of my first "pins" on Pinterest (my newest favorite interent thingy) were Sugar Cookie Bowls.


See? Don't they look delicious and very pretty? Oh, wait, those aren't mine.


Yep. Those are mine. Let's get a better look...


A delicious crumbling mess. No really, they taste delicious, but they don't exactly have the best physical apparence.

We put chocolate ice cream in our cookie bowls messes. Good, but very sweet.


Linda said...

Pretty is nice, but the most important thing with food is that it tastes good. My first attempt at baking was a loaf of bread that came out with the texture of a brick. You needed a hammer to break bits of it off. I haven't trusted myself with yeast since.

Domenico Maceri said...

Any left?

Lucia said...

@Linda: I will probably never bake bread.

@Domenico: Yes.

Linda said...

Actually, I would like to try again sometime. If I could make a good loaf of yeast bread, I would feel like I'd accomplished something.

I think one of my posts someday will be "Small things I'd like to accomplish" and baking a loaf of bread would definitely be one of them.