Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dinner with Carnivores

I've never heard a negative comment about my being a vegetarian, but David Sirota has, and has written an interesting article about it in Salon. It's a good primer on the health, ecological and ethical reasons for vegetarianism (Preview: It's about concern for other people as much as concern for animals.)

It raises a question I've never thought much about. The main reason I don't hear negative comments about being a vegetarian is that I almost never mention it to anyone. Why talk about what you eat?

But if you know that avoiding, or at least cutting back on, meat is good for the planet, and good for people who don't get enough to eat, shouldn't you talk about it?

And can you do that without making people defensive?

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Domenico Maceri said...

I talk to people about being a quasi-vegetarian quite a bit.